Psychology notes for aqa cse

The schizophrenic twin generally had more enlarged ventricles and a reduced anterior hypothalamus. Biological Explanations for Schizophrenia. This suggests that there is wider academic credibility for enlarged ventricles determining the likelihood of schizophrenia developing.

Beforethe grading scheme varied between examination boards, but typically there were "pass" grades of 1 to 6 and "fail" grades of 7 to 9.

Large doses of amphetamine given to people with no history of psychological disorders produce behavior which is very similar to paranoid schizophrenia.


This suggests that there are problems with the chicken and egg problem. Get the patients to understand what is really happening in their life: For example, schizophrenia and depression are often found together. Positive Symptoms an excess or distortion of normal functions: Schizophrenia is a multi-factorial trait as it is the result of multiple genes and environmental factors.

This suggests that there may be problems of demand characteristics. A second strength of the research into expressed emotion EE is that it has practical applications. Cognitive approaches do not explain the causes of cognitive deficits — where they come from in the first place.

Psychology GCSE - Unit 2 - Notes

Helping the patient to find logical reasons for the things which trouble them Let the patient develop their own alternatives to their previous maladaptive behavior by looking at coping strategies and alternative explanations. For example, it suggests that schizophrenic behavior is the cause of environmental factors such as cognitive factors.

This causes the neurons that use dopamine to fire too often and transmit too many messages. Expectations of how others will act. Due to the pivotal role of dopamine in schizophrenia this led to a culture of heavy smoking an nicotine addiction in psychiatric hospitals of the era.

AO3 Diagnosis of schizophrenia is difficult as the practitioner has no physical signs but only symptoms what the patient reports to make a decision on. This remained the highest grade available until The most common delusion that people diagnosed with schizophrenia report is that others are trying to harm or kill them — delusions of persecution.

This suggests that there is wider academic credibility for the idea of contradictory messages causing schizophrenia. This has practical applications such as the accuracy of eye witness testimonies.

This raises practical and ethical issues when selecting different types of tretment. Carrying on a logical discussion till the patient begins to see where their ideas are going wrong and why they developed.

My Revision Notes: AQA GCSE (9-1) Psychology

This suggests that there is a problem of the chicken and egg scenario in relation to expressed emotion causing schizophrenia. For example parents who say they care whilst appearing critical or who express love whilst appearing angry.


Culture - One of the biggest controversies in relation to classification and diagnosis is to do with cultural relativism and variations in diagnosis. PETERSON & PETERSON. The aim of the study was to see if rehearsal was necessary to hold information in the short term memory To investigate this participants were shown trigrams one at a time and were asked to recall backwards (to avoid rehearsal) while looking at.

Included is a series of lessons, fully resourced, in line with the new AQA GCSE Psychology specification.

GCSE Psychology

These cover a range of topic areas including: Piaget’s Theory, Dweck, Learning Styles, Praise and. Fukuoka | Japan Fukuoka | Japan. Our new GCSE Psychology specification offers an engaging and comprehensive introduction to psychology.

With a clear and straightforward layout, as well as refreshed and contemporary content, we’ve made it clear what students need to study within each topic so you know exactly what you’ll need to.

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Psychology notes for aqa cse
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